Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Brainless But Happy

Happiness shoves the remaining one thought left in Daniel's head out the door.

Back Massage Or Torture

Daniel trying to break Lee's back by laying on it. It's like 100 pound sticks pushing their way through your back while cutting off your air supply.

Bed Thief

Jasper stole Edgar's bed and made him sleep on the floor. Such a hard life sleeping on the carpet without all that cushy bed stuffing to lay in.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Sitting Tall

Ha, ha, ha! I love this picture! He looks so funny in it.

What Are You Doing? Will I Like It? What Are You Doing Now?

Edgar dogging my steps to see if I am going to start doing something immensely interesting that he might like. His unfailing spirit keeps him going even though its usually just him following me around doing chores. I think it is motivated by food. He thinks to himself...."self if I keep following Robin around I'm sure to get some sort of food snack that she is eating at least once today."

Oh yes I can't forget to point out Daniel in the background waiting for food even though he has already been fed. Another hopeful spirit that always gets crushed as he is always on a diet to control his blooming waist.

Come On Let Me Hug You!

I find this picture funny because it looks like he should be eating the camera or tackling Lee.

Got Any Treats?

When I shaved Edgar down this time I left him with a little bit of hair on his head and ears so there would be something soft to still pet.


Just hanging out.

Am I The Same Dog?

Skinny boy doesn't have hair any more. And look at that pink underbelly. It always amazes me how different he looks after a shave down. Especially his legs. They go from big ol' poof clubs (yes he does use them as clubs on the cats) to skinny deer legs.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

All Legs

This is Edgar a few days before I shaved him down again. Since we will be trying to sell soon I wanted him to be easier to care for. I haven't taken any pictures yet of his skinny self but I will post them as soon as I do.

Traditional Every Day Dog Look

There seems to be a lot of ear petting as Edgar is always stuffing his head on you. This is a classic Edgar look.

Dog Head

This picture was taken awhile ago but I like it as Edgar has hair every where. I'm always saying that I am going to grow it out all the way one day for a traditional sheep dog look but then I don't have enough patience to do it.

Jasper is Angry

Not that this should be a surprise as he is constantly in a state of unhappiness. But this time I did have a hand in it. Somehow I had a hard time resisting dressing him up in a onesie before it got washed (sorry Charity).