Friday, May 16, 2008

Our Short Adoption Experience

Lee and I adopted an Old English Sheepdog from an rescue dealing in that breed. We decided to name her Emma to go along with Edgar's name. She was seven years old. This is a picture of her on the day we brought her home.

Emma learned how to sit, come, her name, and was working on down. Every time she would see you or catch your eye her butt would start wagging a mile a minute and up she would come to see you. I have never met another dog as friendly as her before.

After having her for about 25 days she counter surfed while we were out one night and ate most of a loaf of bread. That morning after realizing something was wrong we brought her into an emergency vet. There we were told that Emma had Bloat. We made the decision to put her down.

This is the last picture I took of her 16 days after the first one. She was all happy because I came out while she was sleeping in the hallway.

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Ron said...

Just wanted to say again how sorry I am and how sad the whole comunity is for you.