Friday, May 30, 2008

Memorial Day Trip

Lee, Jessica, Edgar and I took a very last minute trip this holiday weekend. It was quite fun. After this trip Edgar has been in five states. He is getting to be well traveled.

We started Saturday out by driving to New Mexico and taking a stop in White Sands National Monument.

Edgar is very excited to get out of the car.

Okay maybe we are all happy to get out of the car besides just Edgar.

So pretty.

Sandy hills as far as you can see. All you need now is an ocean and it would be perfect.

Trotting along feeling very fine with himself.

Windy cheeks.

Yeah, this is one happy dog.

Edgar suddenly forgets how to use his legs and can't walk down a sand dune. He requires assistance from Jessica and Lee.

Cool ripples in the sand.

Blowing sand.

Who's the king?

Lee and Edgar play a little chase.

Lee's sandals got taken off right away as it was impossible to walk in the sand with them.

While my shoes weren't hard to walk in they collected sand like buckets.

Yes I was there too.

The next day we go to Guadalupe Mountains National Park in Texas. There was only one small trail that we could bring Edgar on. But that was okay as we were all tired from the long drive the night before.

"What do you mean I'm in Texas now?"

"Guess they weren't lying."

Walking the trail with Edgar looking for promising peeing spots.

So hot and so dry.

More rock formations.

Flowers. Guess just because it's hot and rocky doesn't mean there aren't any blooms.

That night we went to a drive in movie and brought Edgar with us. Jessica and I sat in the front seats while Lee sat in the back and hugged Edgar/scratched his butt for an hour and a half.

Monday we went to Carlsbad Caverns. Oh yes even Edgar came with us. We boarded him at the caverns for five dollars. Pretty cheap. Since he didn't go into the caves with us I will refrain from putting up pictures of the cavern formations.

"Oh no I'm stuck in the car again!" Anybody out there ever try sharing a back seat with an Old English Sheepdog? Talk about seat hogs. It looks like he should be laying in the seat by himself but he is actually sharing it with Jessica at that moment. Monday afternoon we start our long drive back home and get in around 1:30 in the morning.


Oliver said...

Hi Edger:

Looks like you had quite an adventure on the sand dunes! Where they hot? I think I would have scared too! I'm sorry to hear about your sissy Emma. My Mommy read about her on, and she was very sad to hear the news. But, tell your Mommy and Daddy not to be sad, because although Emma only had 16 days with you, it was the best 16 days of her life! I look forward to reading more about your adventures!

Love Your Buddy oLiveR

Leslie said...

Somebody knows how to take some great shots... those are just beautiful. I will come back often to visit the clan and Edgar....