Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Abandoned Kitten

Lee went out walking with Edgar on Sunday on one of his daily potty breaks when he found an abandoned kitten. No one in our condo complex will claim her so we think someone dumped her. We put up signs all around for a 'FOUND KITTEN' and posted about her on craigslist. No one still wanted to claim her. So tonight we found a home for her. We are going to be doing a meet up and drop off in a parking lot. Only now I am a little worried because one of Lee's work mates said she is going to be snake food. I am hoping since she is already spayed that it is a person who wants her for real and not just for a munchy snake.

We decided that she probably got dumped because of her constant meowing. If she isn't meowing she is making love to you when you are trying to do something. Which is also annoying when say you are trying to type and all she is doing is throwing herself at your face and hands purring her little head off. All in all though she is a really nice kitten and I imagine that we would have kept her if we didn't already have two cats. Hope her new home works out!

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Matt said...

Ssssssshe is a really cute kitty. I'm glad you found a new home for her. Sorry to make you worry :-(