Monday, June 23, 2008

Condo Kitten Picture Roundup

Well, the condo kitten is hopefully settling into her new life, but I'm just now dumping out the photographic evidence regarding her disruption of ours. This picture of a rare quiescent point in our household is worth examining:

Which of these kittens does not belong? Hmm ... is it this one?

He's angry. None of the other cats look angry. He's solid orange. That's different too. Then again, he has teeth:

All the cats have teeth. Also he's huge ... and everyone knows our cats are huge. No, he must belong. So if Jasper is supposed to be here, what about this one:

He looks utterly mindless. None of the other cats look mindless. He's got large sections of white (rendered extra bleached with my image processing) and none of the other cats are white. But wait, he's huge! Okay, Daniel must belong too. So this brings us to:

Hmmm, gray ... other cats are orange. Tiny ... other cats are huge. Active ... other cats are slugs. Okay, she definitely doesn't belong! She doesn't even have a name! But here's more kitten pictures anyway:

And, a more active picture which is representative of what she was actually doing all the time-scurrying all over everything and everyone:

Yes, she was very cute. It was a fun experience having her, and reminded me of some of the fun when Edgar was a puppy (minus the whizzing accidents everywhere). If one of our cats kicks it (Daniel perhaps .. o.d.'ed on kitty biscuits), we'll have to find our own little condo kitty.

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