Thursday, April 3, 2008

Afternoon Walk

We went to the Riparian Preserve in Gilbert while we were kicked out of our house for a Realtor showing. Lee took the afternoon off and Edgar came along so he wouldn't eat the realtor or the people looking at our house. It was quite fun and relaxing waking around looking at all the different birds, wild life, and plants in boom. While we were there we saw 4 bunnies, a turtle, 2 catfish, and tons of different bird varieties. I would go back again in an instant.

Starting off we saw ducks.

Then Edgar kept looking at the ducks.

Some grasses looking out up to the library. It was very pretty.

Edgar looking at more ducks. And feeling pretty pleased with himself as he is walking on water without getting his feet wet.

Lee calls this my Hollywood duck because it has sparkles all around it. I thought it turned out pretty nice myself.

Still feeling happy about the ducks.

Plants were flowering everywhere in the preserve.

I find this picture funny as I don't think you would see a Old English Sheepdog naturally walking around through cactus.

These plants were blooming everywhere.

They seem to be looking at different things. Obviously what Edgar is looking at must be more interesting.

Some more plants that were in bloom through out the preserve.

This was like walking down a hedge of the orange plants pictured above.

Edgar checking out the water. As we all know he is a wuss and doesn't have a clue what to do with wet stuff living here in the desert.

Edgar likes public benches as he is allowed to get up on them. It makes him feel very special.

Some of the trails we walked through.

Can't seem to be on the same page. Each one is still looking at something else.

And another park bench. This time they are looking at the same interesting thing.

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