Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Chicken Organs

Edgar ate a whole piece of chicken without it being ground up. This was a first. We had been buying pre-ground up chicken at whole foods that had the bone and other good stuff also in it. Well we ran out of that and went to Sprout's to buy a whole chicken hoping that it would have all the organs in it.

It didn't have the organs but we talked to the guy behind the counter and he told us to talk to the manager and it shouldn't be a problem. That would be nice because we don't have a close source for this type of thing. Chicken is fine but good luck trying to find organs in the store. So tomorrow I am going to call the manager to see about setting up a order of chicken organs every week. The Sprout's meat guy said that they just throw that stuff away anyways. I so hope this works out.

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